She's an Afghanistan bring back, but not by me, the GI that brought her back fell upon hard times, sold it to a dealer, where I picked it up. British Snider 1860 .577 by Enfield 2 band sargeants: British Snider - 1860 2 band - obsolete calibre: Heres a rare British 2 band (slightly shorter, often referred to as the Sargeants Carbine) with great woodwork and some pitting to the metalwork as can be seen, a really nice British example with no Nepalise markings. Ordnance issue MkIII Snider three band service rifle by BSA 1871. 3 photos. This was the 76th Battalion of Infantry HQ Saint Martine Quebec, a rural Quebec unit . "Snider-Enfield .577 Snider caliber rifle. A 577” Ordnance issue Enfield Snider MkII** three band service rifle dated 1859. Make Tower. Breech block and tang bear 'WD' and other marks. See more ideas about enfield, rifle, canadian soldiers. Calibre.577. The lock with cup faced hammer is marked 1864 Enfield with crown broad arrow ordnance ownership mark and crowned V.R. The first two marks are conversions, with the later Mk. The Snider conversions were applied to both the long (3-band) and short (2-band) Enfield rifles. IN THIS ARTICLE. Mechanism Percussion. Snider-Enfield Rifles. British .577 Snider-Enfield breech loading rifle for Sale. Above the DC is a Canadian unit marking 76th B # 247. Egyptian military issue with “FARSI" markings. MILITARY MARKS NO. Completely functional with good markings. Ian sent us pics from the Enfield housing estate. V. 30 carbine ammunition ammunition marked LC 52, made by the Chinese, or . III rifles being newly made and featuring steel barrels over the older iron ones. This cadet shows the barrel shortened to 19 1/8" with a bright very good bore. The shoe used in the conversion incorporated a hinged breech block that opened to the right. MECHANICS 10 ... (SNIDER) MODEL 'MKIII SNIDER 3-BAND VOLUNTEER' This is a very good Example of a 3 band Snider built by James Kerr a very well-known and respected gunmaker of 54 King William St EC London. Description: Martini Enfield bayonet & Scabbard bright vg blade with excellent markings, Enfield built dated 97 & 900. The Pattern 1853 Enfield was not Britain’s first rifle to use the expanding Minié-style projectile, but it was a “smallbore” improvement and upgrade of the earlier .702-cal. Sally Antiques. The mechanism of the lock and trigger, plus the ejection device, are in crisp, excellent condition. Snider MK 2 star, built by Enfield and converted at a later date to a Cadet Carbine. The action had been invented by Jacob Snider, a Dutch-American wine merchant from Philadelphia. It is complete with all original parts. History of the Snider rifle: Jacob Snider, an American from New York, developed this breech loading system for the P-1853 Enfield, the most prolific imported Percussion rifle in use by both the North and South during the U.S. Civil War. The Snider firearm action was invented by the American Jacob Snider, and the Snider-Enfield was one of the most widely used of the Snider varieties. These ranged a gamut of Martini–Henry's, Snider-converted original Enfield pattern 1853's, blatant knockoffs of the Martini–Henry rifles that lacked all British markings completely and were often engraved with popular Middle Eastern geometric and scrollwork designs. With original RSAF Enfield building preserved, this plaque is a fitting tribute to Herb Woodend, now dispayed outside. Snider Enfield, .577 Cavalry carbine, .577 (obsolete calibre), Used - Good Condition, Snider action, Rifle from Historic Guns & Militaria, Arlesey, Bedfordshire New and Used Guns for Sale A good .577 cal Snider Enfield Cavalry carbine. Enfield Snider Mk II** 3 Band Rifle.577" Date 1859 Obsolete Calibre. Breech is a Mk III. Many other designs were proposed (everyone was busy trying to invent a solution) but the Snider design removed the least amount of wood, which could seriously weaken the rifle. The action is strong, bore is good - could do with a good clean. Underneath are the letters 'O.S.C. Example 2; Location Markings Interpretation; left ricasso: Pattern 1907, manufactured August 1918 by Sanderson: right ricasso : Enfield inspection marks, bending proof mark: left pommel: Canadian … Serial Numbers, Model, Mark and Manufacture Identification. Stock is in overall very good plus condition, no cracks, no chips. The British .577 Snider–Enfield was a breech-loading rifle.The American Jacob Snider invented this firearm action, and the Snider–Enfield was one of the most widely used of the Snider varieties.The British Army adopted it in 1866 as a conversion system for its ubiquitous Pattern 1853 Enfield muzzle-loading rifles, and used it until 1874 when the Martini–Henry rifle began to supersede it. Item #36338 WWII 303 British Tracer Ammo . Self-propelled S.S. Sea service T. Tracer T.N.T. Snider-Enfield Rifle Mk I . In 1866 the Snider-Enfield was produced as a conversion of Enfield Pattern 1853 with a hinged breechblock and barrel designed for a .577 cartridge. Short Lee-Enfield S.P. These ranged a gamut of Martini-Henry's, Snider converted original Enfield pattern 1853's, blatant knockoffs of the Martini-Henry rifles that lacked all British markings completely and were often engraved with popular Middle Eastern geometric and scrollwork designs. The Lee Enfield is one of the longest serving rifles in history. Here is a simple shadow board depicting the 4 most common Enfields. In December Enfield was told to prepare sealed patterns of the Snider Enfield, and ten rifles were to be converted and 10,000 cartridges prepared. £225. The Snider-Enfield used the new Snider action, designed by Jacob Snider, which used a side-hinged breechblock action Many regimental markings. Does it have a hammer? Butt stamped with the London Armoury roundel and has the double arrow sale mark with I.C over T. Tang is stamped TG 528, indicating Tasmanian Government ownership. MARKINGS & DESIGNATIONS... German Manufacturing Codes of Occupied Countries during World War 2 ... S.L.E. Is it a breechloader? No.1' & '10/5/66' (OSC=Ordnance Select Committee). MkIII lock fitted with correct flat face hammer, engraved BSA Co. 1871 under broad arrow ordnance ownership mark with Crowned VR. 577 Calibre 2 Band Percussion Rifle. The British, during their occupation of Egypt, issued the Snider to the Egyptian Army. Metal parts have been cleaned and are excellent, Stock refinished, probably at time of issue. Enfield Snider - BSA Mk III 3 Band Rifle.577" Date 1871 Obsolete Calibre. Email . The action was invented by an American, Jacob Snider, and adopted by Britain as a conversion system for the 1853 Enfield. ~ Condition ~ The rifle cocks and half cocks with a very strong spring. Excellent bore. Volunteer Pattern 1888 … It may also be a Snider-Enfield, and then the date isn't a problem, and LSA made them as well. £1,100. Snider-Enfield Long Rifle Mk III. Subcategory Single Shot. Lock fitted with correct cupped face hammer is engraved with Crowned VR to the tail with 1859 ENFIELD . A British Military Snider-Enfield breechloading cavalry carbine. From 1866 on the rifles were converted in large numbers at Enfield beginning with the initial pattern, the Mark I. After extensive testing, the Mark I Snider-Enfield rifle was officially approved on 18 September 1866. ~. ?...I think you mean markings Both sides?) Later Sniders were newly manufactured on the same design. Proof marks on this rifle are: crown over 'VR' over crossed sceptres over 'P'. Since 1895 to the present day, these rifles have seen use of battlefields and defended borders across the globe. It has been built using parts from the London Armoury Company (LAC) and upgraded by James Kerr. On the butt is a circular Enfield mark and Museum of Artillery No.1481. Enfield manufacturer, Enfield inspection mark, Indian inspection mark, bending proof mark: Summary: Pattern 1903, manufactured in December 1902 at Enfield, used post-1952 in India. The British .577 Snider-Enfield was a type of breech loading rifle. She has all the appropriate proof marks, and is marked II**. The butt shows the DC diamond Canadian mark. Basic Enfield Identification and the Facts about Serial Numbers Enfields at a Glance. The Snider conversions were applied to both the long (3-band) and short (2-band) Enfield rifles. Read more ... AN2234: 1888 Mk1 2nd type bayonet by Wilkinson retailed by WW Greener. The Mk III Snider-Enfield was made from scratch and is not a conversion; these sturdy, early breech loaders have stood the test of time well. Tri-nitro-cellulose T.P.I. Snider-Enfield Rifle Mk I . £195. The barrel has minor pitting and some bruises. Mar 3, 2018 - Explore Gary K's board "Snider-Enfield" on Pinterest. On the lockplate is a crown over 'VR' & 'Enfield' under '1865'. Read more ... AN2208: Ordnance issue Pattern 1888 MkII bayonet. Tower 1853 Pattern .577 Calibre 2 Band Percussion Rifle Single Shot .577 Rifles. ~ .577 Obsolete Calibre Three Band Snider Enfield Service Rifle ~ There are numerous marks and proofing stamps including 350 behind the breach. British Ordnance Pattern 1876 socket bayonet in its brass mounted leather scabbard with Nepalese regimental issue markings. Over the years I have received many emails regarding serial numbers. to the tail. Lock marked crown over VR and L.S.A.Co over 1870. Infantry rifle. This was one of the most widely used of the Snider varieties. The sealed pattern weapons were supplied to gunmakers to serve as the standard production model. The Snider was in .577" Snider cal. Threads per inch T.V. Tower 1853 Pattern. It sounds like a Martini-Henry receiver. The Snider Enfield was formally adopted in May 1866 and conversion of 1853 Enfield rifles already in stock began. Walnut stock right side with a BIRMINGHAM WD roundel over a first class arms mark. Ordnance issue Pattern 1888 MkII bayonet in its issue scabbard BY Enfield. New rifles started as P/53s but received a new breech block/receiver assembly. It was later adopted by British Army. Price: $145.00 Description: Bag of 50 rounds of WW2 303 tracer ammo. 577 Obsolete Calibre Three Band Snider Enfield Service Rifle ~ There are numerous marks and ... £ 695. It was adopted by Britain as a conversion system for its ubiquitous Enfield 1853 rifled musket muzzle loading armament. Check our site; eventually there will be pages on .577 Enfield, Snider-Enfield, Martini, MLM & MLE, SMLE, Rifle No.4, &c. DVD & CD set $35.00 The condition of the bore will give you the best results you can expect from a rifle of this age and design. £900. The conversion they used was an American design, by Jacob Snider. In trials, the Snider P/53 conversions proved both more accurate than original P/53s and much faster firing as well. By your description, (and both sets of marks on the left side? It’s praised for its accuracy and reliability and has served worldwide for the glory of the British Empire. Gun: Snider-Enfield Mark III Cavalry Carbine Caliber:.577 Snider Serial Number: 1151 Condition: NRA Excellent (Antique Gun Condition Standards) Value: $1,150 to $1,300. Pattern 1853 Enfield, with a 1863 lock plate, re-barreled with a Oct 1866 barrel for conversion to the Snider loading system. History / Summary. After extensive testing, the Mark I Snider-Enfield rifle was officially approved on 18 September 1866. Category Rifles. The .577 caliber Enfield was only 10 years old, and large stocks existed.