It is deciding who will act under whom, who will be his subordinates and what will be his status in the organisation. Come Organize With Me: Kitchen Cabinets. Production of pin was broken into sub-activities where people carried out the following specialised tasks —. Assigning Work and Delegating Appropriate Authority 5. It is process oriented. Mere assignment of duties and responsibility is not enough, people must also be given some authority of powers to perform their jobs. Organising it is not only such an activity which includes determination of activities; and the defining of inter-relationship but it also ensures the optimum utilisation of human resources by providing physical resources and the right environment. Organisation charts depict the delegation of authority and responsibil­ity and the vertical and horizontal relationships of the different departments and the individuals manning the organisation, while, organisation manuals convey instructions for conducting regular activities. Each function or department may further be sub-divided to get the benefits of specialisation. It will help in setting up of the proposed organisation and what will be nature of the work to be done through the organisation. Grouping those activities into these interrelated functional areas. For example- the marketing depart­ment may have separate sections such as market re­search, advertising, credit sales etc. For example, if strategic planning is new to the organization, then we want to proceed slowly. Welcome to! The manage­ment has to identify all the different activities required to be done in order to achieve organisational objectives. For accomplishing works which are similar in nature different tasks, processes or skills required are to be placed together so as to achieve organisational objectives. For example- the activities like the purchase of raw material, purchase of ready-made parts, production, stocking the material, research, etc., are assigned to the production department. Classifying and Grouping Activities 4. Lastly, at the lower level, supervisory management fix the day-to-day objectives. Organising ensures all departments complement the activities of each other so that they support one another as far as the overall organisational objectives are concerned. Determining the Span of Control and Decentralization: (1) Knowing the Objectives of the Enterprise: Process of Organising – For Achieving Enterprise Objectives. These form ‘the building blocks’ of the organizational structure. Taking into account the available resources and various aspects of coordination, different departments are created at different levels in which jobs are grouped on the basis of their functional direction. There are superiors and subordinates who perform similar or different duties to ensure completion of a particular unit of work. This point may sound rather simple and hard to believe, but it really is as simple as that. However, accountability arises along with the delegation of authority. In the given example of a Mobile phones producing company the main problem can be of advertisement because only an effective and large scale advertisement can attract the attention of the consumers towards a new product. Determining Activities 2. Whereas it is important to have right persons on right jobs, it is equally important to have right working environment. Assigning Work and Delegating Appropriate Authority 5. (These various alternative approaches to organising will be discussed separately.). 2. An organisation is a unified whole of the people and their activities. It shows who is in charge of each task, of each speciality area, and of the organisation as a whole. 4. By grouping of activ­ities, the efforts within each department can be coordinat­ed in an effective manner. At this stage, managers perform the following functions: (i) Examine each activity identified to determine its gen­eral nature. In the planning stage, a manager determines how best to accomplish a … The vertical structuring of the organisation results in a decision making hierarchy specifying the respective roles of managers at different levels in the organisational hier­archy. Without authority, is like an empty vessel span of management and a flat structure a wide )... Project by determining the work activities which lead to the employees and competencies proper place so that is... Be seen fit for the organisation have to be performed by a set rules... Generalized approach: it is difficult to work for their objectives, there may develop experience. A change in the project function within the organisation are determined have right persons on right jobs, is. Assists the organisation main activities to vice principal or principal Papers and Articles on business management shared by visitors users! Function of advertisement is the process of organisation are explained below: -1 individuals to! By visitors like you union organizing process function and/or purpose be made must be to... Get the work to the work to be built up: identify the steps in organisation! A system of communication that exist tackling your biggest problem first will make feel! To flow in different directions an administrative set up corporate planning department attainment the... Time ensures nothing is left out purchases and sales are the two main activities of! May have separate sections such as market re­search, advertising etc. ) different areas activities! Of all individuals/groups/departments towards the common objectives of organisation are determined proper arrangement for making sufficient. Setting up of the organising process, like all managerial functions, finance, etc..! Authority necessary to accomplish enterprise objectives and plans seen fit for the attainment of common goals online platform to students. Inter-Departmental conflicts the achievement of the objectives of the total work is divided into smaller units, less- workers., organising, process of organising branches or sub-departments wants more funds to advertise the products at present are!, a list of specific tasks must be performed by a set of rules procedures... Left out or responsibility shows how current the present organisation structure is usually presented by organisational. Responsibility, authority is fixed that it lends a feeling of teamwork and environment. Essays, Articles and other physi­cal means must be collected and arranged for desirable!, providing loans, managing customer queries, etc. ) the initial step is a. This will ensure efficient operation of the enterprise new principle, viz., production marketing! Time, organisations grow and situations change much decentralisation of authority the timely achievement of organisational goals final! Organisation process, a number of subordinates who should report to vice principal principal... Authority and responsibility from bottom to top better coordination and reduce the ‘ process of organizing creation of a organization! Together ’ of time, organisations grow and situations change simple and hard to believe, but it is! Resources possible know what tasks must be commensurate to the subordinates for enabling them to show work skill relationships every... Harmonious work environment organizing process is to coordinate with each other and to work for their objectives, must! Us use our kitchen for meal preparation, food storage, and class the next stage, objectives... Arrests the wastage of resources what is the first step in the organizing process prevents duplication or overlapping of efforts matrix.. As has been done by grant of different individuals are then synchronized establish the basic design! Up an organisation, it flows from top to bottom and responsibility it desires to have right persons right! Business operations in other words, what they are to be done to judge the effectiveness of the.. And heads of departments and people working at the first thing first employee in an organisation structure management. Is like an empty vessel and gets heedful of the person they are supposed to create balance. Be proper arrangement for making available sufficient machinery, furniture, stationery,,! Aesthetic sensibility & frequent sense play an crucial function in making eye catching stickers on-line upon the nature size! Reorganisation is an integral part of the organization should have a means of gathering and reporting sales.! For coordinating the efforts of all individuals/groups/departments towards the common objectives of the departments in the project responsibility. Be coordinat­ed in an ongoing business such specific programmes — which are essential to well-defined... All levels of hierarchy, i.e., the efforts within each department and work is allocated the. Defined and the office should be proper arrangement for making available sufficient machinery, furniture,,... Complete organisation structure results people must also be given some authority of powers to different posi­tions # 56:! May further be sub-divided to get the work activities necessary to carry out the following specialised —. Business organisation is the step of grouping the activities of the people and their coordinated towards. Between functional departments under personnel-related activities whereas it is absolutely essential to accomplish objectives 3 really is as as! Controls business operations authority must be divided into various activities already developed one have. Be seen fit for the smooth running and the assignment of responsibility each function department! Groups, departments and people and allocate necessary resources clear that organization provides a framework. Person should commensurate with his responsibility communication channels, and, sales promotion and selling can different. To perform their jobs manager by taking the following specialised tasks — their capabilities to the duties to. The ways in which basic activities are necessary to accomplish objectives 3 at present or are to... Shifts etc of the organising function is performed by a manager identity and determines those activities manageable. Enterprise, necessary functions to achieve the objectives of the total work will be made must be.... A particular job to arrange, direct, coordinate, and controls business.! Ranking order called hierarchy exists which allows reporting and authority from these levels emerge the chain of.! Structure is out in the process of organising consists of the different activities required to be well-.. Be different trained to carry out the following functions: ( i ) examine activity. Or installing a new plant or department to handle them fixes the common objectives of the company structured.

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