Make sure when cutting your back panels, that they are square and make sure when you attach them, that your cabinet is also square to this back piece. Custom designs and sizes are available upon request. The results can be beautiful, at a much lower cost than replacing cabinets. Plywood is used for a plethora of interior, exterior and structural applications. The last detail before assembling the carcasses, is adding edge banding. If you aren’t going to the ceiling or aren’t doing the trim, then attach your top panel flush with the top of the sides and same with the bottom. Building your own DIY kitchen cabinets seems like a pretty intimidating project…or is it just me? I used ¾” pocket holes and 1 1/4″ pocket hole screws to assemble these cabinet boxes. Please do not remove any watermarks, crop, or edit any of my images. Tall cabinets are also base cabinets but taller and allow for pantry storage in a kitchen design or possibly a linen cabinet … … Our Bespoke and Concept range of plywood kitchens can be a little more out of the box. With these ranges, we manage the whole process, including R&D of your chosen material and will install. By using this website, you agree that you are okay with that and that you have read the privacy and policies page. But I wanted a really nice, natural color for the bottom doors, so I used the ¾” Hickory 2’x4’ PureBond Plywood panels for the doors on the base cabinets and pantry. We pride ourselves on the unique designs of our plywood kitchen cabinets and worktops. Since the material is less dense, it is both easier to cut and assemble plywood cabinet boxes with standard tools, screws, and nails. (Check out this post for door sizing guidance.) "The cheaper version is plastic. Once you rip 3 strips at 12 ½” wide, you have a strip about 10 ½” or so leftover. This goes on the FRONT sides of everything that will be exposed. Lastly, I added some shelves using shelf pins so they are adjustable.