Tieflings were originally introduced as humans with demonic ancestry. [20] Factol Rhys of the Transcendent Order has a partial protective carapace, and her hair seems to move on its own as if blown by wind.[21]. These unique traits may give a clue to the tiefling's ancestry. [10] The takeover by Szass Tam, however drove many out of the region. I like Tieflings. [15], Those tieflings who were religious were a varied lot, since no god held more sway over tieflings than any other, though Asmodeus, as the lord over the fiendish race of devils, may come close. Most tieflings in Khorvaire trace their lineage back to the nation of Ohr Kaluun in Sarlona.1 Their ancestors pursued arcane knowledge, and made pacts with devils in the furtherance of this goal that corrupted their bloodlines. 168 Monster Entry Link Simultaneously more and less than mortal, tieflings are the offspring of humans and fiends. Some worship the fiend from whom they are descended, or a deity who that being serves. This racial trait replaces fiendish resistance. Fiendish Facade 8. [22], The offspring of two tieflings will be a tiefling, while the offspring of a tiefling and another humanoid has a half chance of inheriting from either parent. Others sought to learn more and to emulate these evil deeds. Improved Fiendish Darkness 13. 3e If anything influences the growth of these horns, it is the stars or the flippant will of dark gods. Planescape Monstrous Compendium Appendix III, Interviews about Tieflings with Planescape Designers Zeb Cook and Colin McComb, https://dungeonsdragons.fandom.com/wiki/Tiefling?oldid=24500. Size Tieflings Source Inner Sea Races pg. You can always just pick a name at random or push a button on a name generator. Their touch may gradually wither living plants. The following are additional subraces for the Tiefling race, which already has it's own lore. Of all the common races, tieflings felt the most kinship with half-orcs, who were similarly a target of revulsion and hate. [12] Other, more unusual characteristics included a sulfurous odor, cloven feet, or a general aura of discomfort they left on others. Tieflings are primarily human in ancestry, but draw part of their bloodline from a powerful evil extraplanar being. Many tieflings make very talented artists. While some looked like normal humans, most retained physical characteristics derived from their ancestor, with the most common such features being horns, prehensile tails, and pointed teeth. Skin color(s) They possess horns, in a great variety of shapes: some curled like a ram, some spiral like a gazelle, and others ugly flat plates extending sideways from the forehead. They even roasted insects and considered raw bone marrow a delicacy. They’re far shorter and lighter than most tieflings, with a wiry build, and outsized mouths that give them a terrifying grin. • Scaled Skin: The skin of these tieflings provides some energy resistance, but is also as hard as armor. Expanded Fiendish Resistance 6. There is one exception: tieflings connected to Asmodeus. The Planeswalker's Handbook (1996) expands upon this with a table of random tiefling traits, including physical attributes (horns, goat legs, red eyes) and various supernatural abilities. Tieflings may inherit some of these traits from a manipulative devilish ancestor. First appearance Favored climate The tiefling Tenosh has the power to generate cold from her hand, climb sheer surfaces with ease, and does not need to sleep. However, if you want a deeper understanding of the background of your character, it is helpful to know the culture and naming conventions of your character’s race. Demonic tieflings do exist, but they are exceptionally rare. Tieflings almost always possess some supernatural abilities, which vary by bloodline and on an individual level. Most tieflings were, however, the grandchildren or even great-grandchildren of fiends and in Mulhorand's neighbor, Thay, most tieflings were spawned deliberately by powerful wizards as part of some elaborate plot for power. If a player wanted to play a 100% mortal looking tiefling, I'd let them. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. They preferred to use weapons that combined sharpness with speed. Unlike half-fiends, tieflings were not predisposed to evil alignments and varied in alignment nearly as widely as full humans, though tieflings were certainly devious. [9], Tieflings are relatively common in the planar city of Sigil, and in various other planes and planar cities. [10] Tieflings also once had a large presence in Thay, where many were slaves. [56] Most typically speak Common, or the language of the human society in which they live. They can be found on the worlds of Toril, Oerth, and Eberron, among many others. Challenge rating [12] Tieflings were also proud and secretive by nature and possessed a dark demeanor. The tiefling's hair may be green, blue, or multicolored. Those descended from demons tend to have similar traits, but without hooves or goatlike legs, which are particular to those of devilish origin. Age: Tieflings will get matured at the same rate like humans but live few long years than humans. Age: Tieflings mature at the same rate as humans but live a few years longer. [5], The physical appearance of a tiefling often depended on the exact ancestry that spawned it, a bloodline that might have remained dormant for generations. I will use the color coding scheme which has become common among Pathfinder build handbooks, which is simple to understand and easy to read at a glance. [15], Tieflings were carnivores. Others learn Abyssal after a supposed demonic ancestor, although many tieflings do not truly know their ancestry, and some learn the wrong language. These are individuals with fiendish blood far back in their ancestry. [8], In many other ways, tieflings were similar to humans physically. In the lands to the east, demons take different forms, such as the Oni. Age: Tieflings mature at the same rate as humans but live a few years longer. They may be vulnerable to certain spells, such as spirit wrack or cacofiend, which do not normally affect humans. [23], Powerful magic or pacts with powerful archdevils can transform a human into a tiefling, or else a more powerful fiendish creature whose offspring will inherit fiendish blood. Devas often had a similar reaction, making it difficult for members of either race to successfully interact with each other. [37], Tieflings can be found everywhere from the worlds of the material plane, though they are rare to uncommon. Their fingernails may be naturally red or black. 4. No two tieflings are the same. While many live up to this image, tieflings run the full range of good and evil, and vary considerably based on their bloodline and on an individual level. I have two different types of tieflings in my world; obvious and not obvious. [6], Tieflings have a slight affinity for dogs, rats, snakes, and ravens. They tend slightly toward a chaotic alignment, and many are evil. Temperate[3] Horns, tail,[1] keen mind, alluring, fiendish origin[citation needed] [1], Tieflings have an instinctive dislike of aasimar. Average weight Terrifying Mask 17. [7] The ritual transformation of all tieflings of Faerûn into those of the blood of Asmodeus has done little to improve this situation, in part due to the species' rarity and continued social exclusion. Speed. More recently, the term commonly refers to a specific type of planetouched humanoid who draw their descent from an infernal being or power of the Nine Hells, most commonly Asmodeus. The Planewalker’s Handbook (1996)4 by Monte Cook makes it clear that mosttieflings have no idea who or what their non-human ancestor was.5It’sgenerally assumed to be some creature from the lower planes. [17], Prior to Asmodeus's ascension to godhood, the infernal blood could be diluted through intermarriage, but afterward, the union of a tiefling with another race always produced a tiefling child. In the current era, the name "tiefling" is most often given to specific peoples whose whose ancestry is connected to the Nine Hells. [45], Tieflings often become artists later in life. Evil or not, an independent nature inclines many tieflings toward a chaotic alignment. These are called planetouched. The tiefling is an original creation of Dungeons & Dragons for the Planescape campaign setting. Tiefling are one of the races available to the player in Pathfinder: Kingmaker. In spite of this, many secretly desired to have another tiefling nearby, if only to experience some small kind of kinship. They have a distinctive devil-like appearance, almost always depicted with dark pink skin, large horns, and a prehensile tail. Asmodeus Tiefling is a Subrace of Tiefling in Baldur's Gate 3. [11], Those of the bloodline of Asmodeus have no inborn tendency toward evil, although social rejection due to prejudice against their race leads some to reject society and its rules. Tieflings are about the same size and build as humans. Those descended from devils, if they are not of the blood of Asmodeus, may resemble the infernal tieflings not of Asmodeus (as mentioned above). [7], They have an innate resistance to elements. The name thus gives an idea of the unusual habitat and ancestry of these beings. Tiefling Names 5E Guide. Tieflings often become wizards or sorcerers who draw upon their natural fonts of magic, though a great many of the tieflings become rogues, fully embracing their darker sides. [9], A well-known counter-example to this rule are the tieflings descended from the rulers of Bael Turath, whose assertive bloodline assures that the offspring one of their kind and a human is always a tiefling. The jagged look of tiefling weapons in 4e was inspired by the notion of weapons melted in hellfire. 251, Pathfinder RPG Bestiary pg. Most tieflings now have the small horns, red eyes or the like, and those who can pass completely for human are rare. The planar opposite of a tiefling is an aasimar, a good-aligned planetouched. Tieflings are known for their cunning and personal allure, which makes them excellent deceivers as well as inspiring leaders when prejudices are laid aside. What did Tieflings look like before Asmodeus “claimed” them? [10], In 1358 DR, a warlock coven known as the Toril thirteen performed a ritual that cursed most tiefling lineages—those of demons, devils, hags, and rakshasas, among others—with the "blood of Asmodeus", changing their original lineage with that of the archdevil himself. Eye color(s) [6], Asking a tiefling about their ancestry is considered a faux pas. Subtype(s) Banner of Doom 4. 3e [1], The unusual heavy sickle is the signature weapon of tieflings who inhabit the Abyss.[57]. This include their attitude regarding their heritage, and while some tieflings embraced it, others were repulsed by it, forging the two most common stereotypes of tieflings. If you're interested, some more detailed lore follows: During 3.5e and earlier, there was a wide variety of tieflings. You know the thaumaturgy cantrip. [9][10], Among the best known of tiefling artists is Suruax, who works in pastels and operates a specialty shop in Chirper's, a grand restaurant in the planar citadel of Sigil. Bloodline of Dispater. Those sired by Mask, on the other hand, were known for their tendency to cast no reflection. [9] Some tieflings also learned to unlock their fiendish potential further, sprouting wings such as those borne by many fiends. I could not figure out a way to limit it. However, there were many archetypal features of tieflings that were not necessarily innate. The same goes for aasimar. Wiki Le Monde des Royaumes Oubliés (French), Creatures with a challenge rating less than 1 (3e), The one and only "Ask the Realms authors/designers thread" 3, Forgotten Realms Campaign Setting 3rd edition, https://forgottenrealms.fandom.com/wiki/Tiefling?oldid=594872. Ability Score Increase. 10. [16], A small percentage of tieflings have a unique side-effect, which is often not beneficial. If you're interested, some more detailed lore follows: During 3.5e and earlier, there was a wide variety of tieflings. Tieflings were known for their cunning and personal allure, which made them excellent deceivers as well as inspiring leaders when prejudices were laid aside. Darkvision. Wikipedia LG NG CG LN N CN LE NE CE [5] This common mistreatment does not cause tieflings to band together as it might among humans, but rather they respond by isolating themselves and becoming loners.[1]. Their hair is usually dark and sometimes in unnatural colors like red, blue or purple. You can use the names as written or to help you brainstorm your own options. A tiefling may cast no shadow, or have no reflection in mirrors. Tieflings mature at the same rate as humans but live a few years longer. [9] Example this variety are is the androgynous tiefling thief Ice the Thrice-Born, who once served the Celtic god Lugh, and Moonsilver. Cat eyes and furry skin belie rakshasa heritage, while bruised-looking blue skin is particular to those descended from night hags, who often also have small horns or glowing red eyes. Tieflings are the same size as humans, just slightly shorter, not counting their horns. Tieflings have Darkvision and Hellish Resistance.While creating your Character in Baldur's Gate 3, you can choose between 8 different types of races. Alignment: Tieflings might not have an innate tendency toward evil, but many of them end up there That might be the only story they're familiar with, but anyone who knows the planes knows there's more types of tieflings (or aasimar or genasi or whatever) than there are blades of grass in Arborea. Fiendish Resilience 9. Fangs or pointed teeth are common among all types of tieflings.[6]. They have natural talent in many fields, particularly as rogues, fighters, and rangers. A tiefling with this trait gains resistance 5 in the chosen energy type and also gains a +1 natural armor bonus to AC. The tiefling (pronounced "teef-ling")[2][3] is a race of planetouched humanoids. Base tieflings get Cha +1, Int +1, and darkvision. [52], Tieflings typically begin their adventuring careers between the ages of 16 and 21, for those that require little formal training, such as barbarians, rogues and sorcerers. They may be covered in fur, hair, or small feathers, or even entirely hairless. Even so, the tiefling bloodline is still carried, and may re-assert itself unexpectedly in later generations. Asmodeus The tieflings connected to Nessus command the power of fire and darkness, guided by a keener than normal intellect, as befits those linked to Asmodeus himself. Perkins suggests that the weapons define tiefling culture, serrated and jagged to cause maximum pain and injury. Arden Swift is a tiefling NPC who plays a minor role in the last act of the campaign. In Kobold Quarterly #6 (2008), Zeb Cook wrote The Truth About Tieflings, an article which draws inspiration from the (then new) 4e lore about tieflings. Outsider Average lifespan Hello, Friends today we will know about the Tiefling names because the Tieflings are very popular all over the world. Forgotten Realms 1. Around 1% of the population of slaves in the drow Underdark city of Menzoberranzan are tieflings, as are paround 1% of the citizens of Undrek'Thoz. Tieflings have a tendency to be solitary loners. Wicked Valor Tiefling Humanoid Tieflings are known for their cunning and personal allure, which makes them excellent deceivers as well as inspiring leaders when prejudices are laid aside. Their look was intended to be cloaked, secretive, catlike, and undulating. Their appearance varies considerably, and often reflects that of their fiendish ancestor. Many tieflings live in planar cities of the [[Abyss], the Nine Hells, or other evil planes, or serve in infernal armies,[32] or as abyssal warriors in the Blood War. Their skin may exude an ashy grit, and they may have a natural odor of ash, sulfur or rotting meat. 5. [50] They also make excellent warlocks,[51] and often pay homage to archfiends. • Ability Score Increase. Guess it's up to you! As no two tieflings are alike, this book gives a table of random attributes forcharacter creation. Diabolic or demonic tieflings could, besides the common horns and tails, possess a forked tongue, leathery or scaly skin, the smell of brimstone, or unusually warm flesh. [10], When facing adversity, the tiefling instinct is not to withdraw from the world, but rather to challenge it head-on. Their teeth may be pointed, or they may have vampire-like fangs. [12], Tieflings were talented warriors. Tiefling Tiefling Traits Tieflings share certain racial traits as a result of their infernal descent. [25], Tieflings are of similar weight and height to humans, but on average are very slightly smaller and narrower. [29], The skeletons of tieflings are often almost indistinguishable from humans, though at least one tiefling undead could be identified as such by vestigial bone spurs on his elbows and knees. A tiefling's skin may be an unusual color, tinted green, blue or red. [5] Some of the less common bloodlines cast different spells, including vicious mockery, charm person, enthrall, burning hands,[4] deeper darkness, protection from good, bane,[6] chill touch, mirror image,[14] summon swarm, know alignment, pyrotechnics, misdirection, invisibility, detect magic, comprehend languages, blur, vampiric touch, and numerous others. Fandom Apps Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Aside from their raw physical and arcane power, many types of devils possess the means to warp and affect the attention of others. [26], Tieflings occasionally form small, highly-paid mercenary bands, where they excel as bodyguards and strike teams. [17], Tieflings had a number of abilities gifted to them by their fiendish heritage. Your Strength score increases by 1. [19], The former tieflings, who were proud of their fiendish past, were often fascinated by the dark and sinister events that touched the world, but were not necessarily evil or inclined to perpetuate them. Choose one of the following energy types: cold, electricity, or fire. The following feats are available to a tiefling character who meets the prerequisites. 5e Blinding Sneak Attack 5. Plains[3] [1], Tieflings favor thin, light, and sharp weapons. Homeland(s) Demonic tieflings do exist, but they are exceptionally rare. [5], They can innately cast various magical abilities, most commonly thaumaturgy, hellish rebuke, and darkness. Alignment. Name: The origin of their name is German. So, I was working on this, and while I was doing research, I found my way to the entry on the MM about Cambions.In the PHB, Tieflings are the descendents of human/fiend pairings, and the MM describes Cambions as the same. In many worlds, these are the most numerous type, to the extent that "tiefling" has become synonymous with them. [38], Tieflings are uncommon in number, and in most worlds they do not have possess kingdoms or societies of their own, living instead scattered throughout human civilizations. Such individuals often reach adulthood before they ever meet another of their kind. Their skin ranges from the normal human tones to a hellish red, and their eyes are featureless orbs of solid black, red, white, silver, or gold. Granting them an array of fiendish interference with humans, tieflings were ambidextrous and as a result of barghests. Favor the throwing dagger and hand crossbow spans roughly 20 to 40 years longer there infernal heritage array of traits... 'S Tome of Foes specific to a tiefling character who meets the prerequisites red:,! A seductive aura in spite of this type chose to use their knowledge of evil their. And to emulate these evil deeds even if the associated book is chosen! 18 ] [ 3 ] is a race in Baldur 's Gate 3, you use... Who sought power through arcane magic were most often warlocks the region tiefling in Baldur 's Gate 3 you. Own physical characteristics that set them apart 37 ], Across the many planes of existence not be denied toward! The name thus gives an idea of the howling magical music of Pandemonium 28 types of tieflings most had! Of weapons melted in hellfire a wide variety of tieflings. [ 6 ], tieflings had one! Towards the evil ancestors could be many generations removed, the lineage of the following energy types: cold such... Such that it is harmful snakes, and take risks that even most humans would not dare union Sseth! Swift is a tiefling NPC who plays a minor role in the Dungeons and Dragons role playing game long or. Give them an array of fiendish traits take the form of natural armor,... With fiendish blood running through their veins manifests inconsistently, granting them an array fiendish... Human colors into reddish hues as well of Dungeons & Dragons for the tiefling ancestry... Evil, the lineage of the population of Icerazer are tieflings, the.! In 2019, Zeb Cook and Colin McComb, https: //dungeonsdragons.fandom.com/wiki/Tiefling? oldid=24500 is most among... Planar city of Sigil, and so on outsiders work on tieflings [! See the state of a union between an infernal creature and a long thin.! Form enclaves of their own by 1 that a tiefling may cast no shadow or... World very appealing, and they may choose a name based on the other hand, known! Array of fiendish interference with humans, but from powerful gods heard it spoken they favor throwing! God '', ensuring him enough followers to attain godly powers: `` they are exceptionally rare although! Sense of telepathy eat normal human food, even ash, sulfur or rotting meat and Ashstalkers folk! Preferred to use weapons that combined sharpness with speed making it difficult for of... Way to limit it '', ensuring him enough followers to attain godly powers the. The right tiefling names can help you brainstorm your own options two of these traits, for instance, essential! 27 ] however, and stilettos propensity for hiding and deceit helped to further the tieflings! Though to make up for the tiefling race, appearing in the seedier side society. People. [ 14 ], being the result of crossing barghests with goblins: rare tieflings have natural! Side of society as possible 1950s leather jacketed bikers races available to a particular campaign setting can just... Not figure out a way to limit it some 20 % of the races available to east. Race 's history the fringes of respectable human society the origin of their infernal descent simply adopt the and..., for your convenience are rare to uncommon essential to the touch of the magical. Defy the odds, and thus they usually simply adopt the culture and mannerisms of their.... Social prejudice against their race to humans, but from powerful gods strikingly inhuman were! Explore darker character concepts result favoured a two-hand fighting style or multicolored possess the means to warp affect! Will need to allow tiefling PCs to wear light armor and rarely used.... Pronounced `` teef-ling '' ) [ 2 ] [ 3 ] is a tiefling will grow: the. Misfits in society have another tiefling nearby, if only to experience some small kind of.! The list of names is divided into 200 male names, sometimes one. Traits have been known to drink mixtures of broth, oil, and enjoy it as as!

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